Čimelice Castle

Čimelice Castle was built in 1730 by the builder A. Canevalle for K. Bissingen. After a fire in 1767, the castle was extended. K. Schwarzenberg became the owner in 1850. During the Second World War, it was used by Germans for the internment (house arrest) of Prince Charles VI and his family. After 1945 and the emigration of the Schwarzenberg family abroad, the castle remained unoccupied for several years. From 1952 to 1982, the castle was occupied by the Secondary Film Professional School (many famous people studied there, e.g. Karel Šíp). After that, until 1997, it was a vocational school for handicapped children. The chateau garden and many outbuildings belong to the castle. In the immediate vicinity of the castle, the Čimelice Flower Show is held biennially.