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Beer festival Prachatice

Date of event

11. 8. 2018, 0800 — 11. 8. 2018, 2359

Place of event

Kulturní a informační středisko Prachatice

The city of Prachatice and Cultural and Information Service of Prachatice invite you for the third annual beer festival On August 11, 2018. It is a day-long festival of small breweries, which will be held at the Prachatice Great Square.

Total will feature 12 small breweries in Prachatice, which bring more than fifty beers. The festival will also be musical entertainment and tours of the brewery Prachatice or school of the pouring beer. For fans is there such a nice opportunity to buy your personal beer mug with the logo of the festival. The program runs until midnight Saturday.

Beer festival Prachatice