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Night market in Chlumany

Date of event

14. 12. 2018, 1700 — 14. 12. 2018, 2100

Place of event

Obec Chlumany

The village Chlumany decided to prepare another one and to unconventional Christmas six years ago, that in addition to the classical market, which held here between May and October. It is all about "the night market" full of Christmas atmosphere, which create illuminated booths, flickering candles, iron baskets with a warm fire and live singing carols.

This year, Chlumany can look forward to 50 stalls, where you can find a rich selection of ceramics waves through wood and glass ... To see countless goodies - mulled wine, punch, fish soup or snack from the local fire brigade.

Night market in Chlumany

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