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Šumava litera Vimperk

Date of event

17. 11. 2018, 1000 — 17. 11. 2018, 1800

Place of event

Město Vimperk

The Šumava Literary Festival intends to focus on promoting (popularizing) regional South Bohemian literature with an emphasis on the Šumava region. He wants to introduce local small publishers, writers here born or writers who are in touch with their work in Šumava. He intends to introduce Šumava as the home of various literary figures, Šumava as a place of literary quivers ... He would like to become a meeting place for lovers of good books and beautiful wildlife.

The 4th year of the event is held at the Municipal Cultural Center in Vimperk on November 17, 2018 from 10.00 am.

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Šumava litera Vimperk

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