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Volary Wood Celebrations

Date of event

18. 8. 2018, 0800 — 19. 8. 2018, 2100

Place of event

Město Volary

Volary wood festivals already have an inherent tradition in the general public. This two-day cultural event, held at Volary Square with the participation of at least 20 guests from abroad and 20 guests from our country, aims to deepen and strengthen cooperation in the cultural, social and sporting sphere, deepening and consolidating cross-border interpersonal relations and breaking down the language barrier with the aforementioned activities intended for the general public.

And so August is always in Volare in the sign of traditional festivals and wood, where the square and the adjoining streets flood a number of craftsmen demonstrating old and often forgotten crafts. Miroslav Mareš will be celebrating for the two days to moderate.

And what's waiting for you? Definitely two days full of scent of wood, historical crafts, a popular market, a rich cultural program, a friendly atmosphere, good food and drink, an attempt to overcome the record of the number of participants in the wood festivities in wooden shoes and a few surprises.

Volary Wood Celebrations