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The Blueberry Festival in Borovany

Date of event

14. 7. 2018, 1000 — 15. 7. 2018, 2300

Place of event

Město Borovany

The Blueberry Festival for THE FOURTEENTH TIME – There si something to look forward to ? 

Another vintage of the gastronomic and culture festival in Borovany will take place on the 14th and 15th of July. The Preparations are, of course, already in full swing. What can you look forward?

The festival will once again take place in the premises of the monastery. The courtyard will belong to the artisanal crafts fair, demonstrations of the production of handicrafts and in the case of good weather, there will be a rich cultural program, too.

In the quad near the fountain there are scheduled performances by singer-songwriters from the Czech republic and Moravia, magicians and clowns, folk groups and drumming workshop on african drums. 

The Blueberry Festival in Borovany