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Jakub Krčín Historical Festival

Date of event

20. 7. 2018 — 21. 7. 2018

Place of event

Masarykovo náměstí

City festivities with a program for children and adults.

For just two days, Jakub Krčín and his escort will return to Třeboň again this year. On Friday evening, 20th July and all Saturday 21st July, you will meet him in the Bohemia Regent Brewery, on Masaryk Square, in the Chateau Park. After the night procession, it will be possible for the first time to see a water screen show in the Třeboň River from the dam of the pond Světová / in the water wall / with fireworks. The concert by Jakub Smolík, which will be welcoming the famous namesake of Jakub Krčín on Friday 20th July in the courtyard of the Bohemia Regent Brewery, will open this year's Historical Festivities. The pond builder and his entourage will be met all Saturday. On the main stage on Masaryk Square he will surely watch the fencing contests, with other visitors of Trebon will see examples of Renaissance dances, juggling shows and flagship show, listen to the concert of Renaissance and Medieval music of the Chomutov Arcus group. On the scene in the castle park will be prepared competitions for children, examples of historical crafts and falconry, Frisian horses dressing, puppet fairytales and a fish trainer on the pole. This year's 21st annual ceremony will close the night procession by the town, the departure of Jakub Krčín to the darkness above the pond world and this year for the first time in cooperation with the Třeboň Fisheries also an audiovisual show - projection into the water wall with fireworks. The story of the man who gave life to the ponds reminded thousands of viewers of this year's 500th anniversary of the Golden Sewer, the importance of the Třeboň pond system and the meritorious work of those who care for it. It was created in the Art4promotion studio and financially supported by Motor Jikov, Swietelsky Building and the South Bohemian Region.


House of Štěpánek Netolický

18:00 Attractions of the Třeboň pond system, lecture Ing. Jana Hody, Ph.D. Brewery Bohemia Regent

18:00 JAKUB SMOLÍK, František Kasl, concert / entrance 400, 450 CZK /

22:00 welcome of J. Krčín and his entourage / entrance free of charge /

22:15 louche parody (brewery, Rožmberská street, Husova, Březanova, castle courtyard) Large castle courtyard

22:45 demonstration of fencing duels, fire show



Masaryk Square 9:45 The Quartet of R. Matoušek

10:00 parade of J. Krčín and his escort (castle courtyard, Krčínova street, Zizkovo square, Rožmberská street, Husova and Březanova, Masarykovo square)

10:30 opening festivities

11:00 Campanello, Renaissance reign

11:30 SHS Corbeau, Skirmish and duels

12:00 Exfanta, Renaissance Songs

12:30 SHŠ Herold, Fetish shrimp

13:00 Campanello, Renaissance reign

13:30 SHV Vendetta, Tournament for the Queen

14:00 Exfanta, Renaissance Songs

14:30 SHS Streitax, Hostinská Matylda

15:00 SHŠ Herold, flagship show

15:45 ARCUS, concert of Renaissance and medieval music


Large castle courtyard

12:00 SHŠ Herold, flagship show

12:30 brass quartet by R. Matoušek


Chateau park

11:00 - 17:00 children's scene, competitions, historical crafts and lying, exposition of SSSR J. Krčín, fish hunting simulator

11:00 Henry Zobl, throwing knives and axes

11:30 SHS Streitax, Drak

12:00 Frisian horses, dressage

12:30 Pente, Dravci in Flight, Falcon Show

13:00 Friesian horse, dressage

13:30 fairytale of Třeboň puppeteers

14:00 SHŠ Herold, Fetish shrimp

14.30 Friesian horse, dressage

15:00 Vendetta, Selection Tournament

15:30 fairytale of Třeboň puppeteers

16:00 Pentea, Dravci in flight, Falcon demonstrations

16:30 Friesian horse, dressage

17:00 Jindřich Zobl, archery of the Middle Ages

19:30 Campanello, Dance in the Underworld and Underworld

20:00 SHŠ Vendetta, Museum

20:30 SHS Corbeau, Royal Legend

21:00 SHS Streitax, Havran

22:15 louche parade (castle courtyard, Masarykovo square, Rožmberk Street, Zizkovo square, Novohradská Gate, dam of the Pond World) the dam of the Pond World

22:45 Thanks, Jakub Krčín! / audiovisual show, projection into the water wall, fireworks /

Jakub Krčín Historical Festival