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Golden Salt Road Celebrations

Date of event

29. 6. 2018 — 30. 6. 2018

Place of event

Kulturní a informační služby města Prachatice

The city of Prachatice invites you to XXCII. annual Golden Salt Road Celebrations.

Friday will again feature the history and traditional ceremony of handing over the form reeve rights, historical parade and the arrival of caravans of pack animals. We recall a time, when the city did most successful during the Renaissance. In the late evening transfer music to the present day. On Saturday morning the parade will go through the city and than following the dance program. The afternoon will include performances traditional file from our partner cities. In the evening we can enjoy the music program. Traditional program will of course take place on Parkán, the Štěpánka Park or the Small Square.

Golden Salt Road Celebrations

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