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Fishing of the Rožmberk pond

Date of event

12. 10. 2018 — 14. 10. 2018

Place of event

Rybník Rožmberk

The Třeboň fishermen announce the term catch of the Rožmberk pond. The ceremony of the largest Czech pond with an area of ​​647 hectares is scheduled for October 12 - 14, 2018. October and November have been the season of autumn fish ponds since the time of the Třeboň region. No wonder; there are more than 500 ponds, and there are 75 ponds larger than 15 hectares. In recent years, it has been a tremendous interest in catching fish ponds in Třeboň. This is the year 2014, when only 59,000 people arrived at the harvest of Rosenberg 2014. The harvest of Rožmberk, the so-called South Bohemian Sea, is always a huge fishing and social event, not only for fishermen themselves, but for all lovers of autumn catches and Třeboňsko at all. The Rožmberk pond is beautiful in every season, but it is also a catching experience to catch fish online, so it is no wonder that tens of thousands of visitors will catch up on its dam. Be among them and you! The main catch program: Fishing will take place in a traditional way. It will begin at 7 am in the morning first. Following is sorting, weighing, loading ... The second run is about 10 to 13 hours. Besides the opportunity to watch the traditional fishing craft in the immediate vicinity, visitors will enjoy a rich gastronomic and accompanying program. ... and, of course, you will not miss the sale of live fish from Rožmberk for the action price. More information: Visitors can taste fish specialties from a wide gastronomic offer. In addition to fish soup, fish fillets, prickly prunes, visitors can also taste the cuttings of the Třeboň bastion. Under the dam of the Rožmberk pond there will be a children's play area, where the smallest visitors will catch the competition and, of course, rewards, and a balloon with Třeboň carp. Beneath the dam on the grounds of the historical sheds will be the possibility of fishing, fishing tackle and fishing techniques. The Museum of Fisheries will certainly enjoy the great interest. This harvest is called festive because it is the biggest attraction in terms of the area of ​​the pond and the public interest and therefore the organizers of Třeboň Fishing Company carry out the weekend and pay special attention not only to their own course and catch program but also to organizing the accompanying program and traffic situation . Practical information for visitors: If you drive by car, follow the directions of the transporters and authorized persons. In the same way as in previous years, the catch will lead one way across the village of Lomnice and you will be parked at the meadow near Rožmberk. Trains can also be reached by train; from Luznice station it is less than a kilometer after the drive to the dam. And if you ride a bike, do not forget to take the lock on the bike. Fishing is a matter of course, selling live fish, but if you do not like buying, you can use the extended services of Třeboň fishermen and buy live fish at weekends at the stores in Sádky in Třeboň and at Sádky Šaloun.

Fishing of the Rožmberk pond

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