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Tour of South Bohemia - international road stage race

Date of event

5. 9. 2018 — 9. 9. 2018

Place of event

Cyklistický klub RBB Invest Jindřichův Hradec

The race Tour of South Bohemia is an international road stage race in the UCI 2.2 category. This is the second most important race and also the longest stage race in road cycling in the Czech Republic. The seventh edition of the race takes place this year. The race is well known among Czech and European cyclists. At the start of the prestigious race there will be 150 riders from 15 countries.

The atmosphere of the race is very compelling. Spectators around the track leading through the magical South Bohemian landscape witness racing in the hills, spurts and thrilling finishes in South Bohemian towns. Average speed of the racers exceeds an incredible 40 kilometres per hour.

The race goes to seven different starting or finishing towns, where a two-hour cultural program will be held before the start and in the finish before the riders arrive.


Stages of the race:

1st stage: 05. 09. 2018 Jindřichův Hradec - Team Trial (2 km)

2nd stage: 06. 09. 2018 Litschau (A) - Nova Bystrice (158 km)

3rd stage: 07. 09. 2018 Český Krumlov - Kleť - Trial of Individuals (13 km)

4th stage: 08. 09. 2018 Třeboň - Protivín, across Šumava mountains (195 km)

5th stage: 09. 09. 2018 České Velenice - Jindřichův Hradec (150 km)

Tour of South Bohemia - international road stage race