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World Championship in Quadrathlon

Date of event

30. 6. 2018, 1000 — 30. 6. 2018, 0000

Place of event

Kanoistický klub Jiskra Týn nad Vltavou

This year, the seventeenth year of the Quadriatlon race will take place in Týn nad Vltavou. During this time he gained a solid place in the kaleidoscope of lovers of this small but demanding sport. In the pleasant and quiet surroundings of the Vltava, the best and most foreign competitors meet. This year, the race was also backed by the WQF (World Quadrathlon Federation).

The RACE consists of:

1.5 km swimming,

40 km cycling,

8 km canoeing,

10 km run

Part of the race is also OPEN STAGE RACE. Anyone can build their team and break down their forces. Ideal for businesses and larger interest groups.

World Championship in Quadrathlon

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