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On Green Thursday green beer for the green Sumava

Date of event

18. 4. 2019

Place of event

TS Lipenska

The Šumavský Kralovci Association traditionally organizes Green Day on the whole Šumava action against the spread of bark beetle in the Šumava NP and its surroundings. Green forests have long been a symbol of the Šumava. For the last 10 years, the crustaceans only attacked and killed 4,000,000 spruce and green spruces in the Šumava NP. All due to the active nature conservation. If all the dry, bark beetle trees bordered both sides of the road, it would be enough from Prague to Paris. At the same time, green forests are extremely important for the absorption of carbon dioxide greenhouse gas and, at the same time, they are producers of life-saving oxygen. We will renew the green lungs of Europe and not allow the further spread of bark beetle that drains the landscape, expels tourists, negatively changes nature and takes home to plants and animals.

This year, we will be drinking green beer from the Lobkowicz brewery, especially the Easter beaver, against the drying out of the Šumava forests.

On Green Thursday green beer for the green Sumava