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Fishermen's Festival

Date of event

28. 10. 2019

Place of event

Rybník Bezdrev

Between the town and the local zoo there is the Munický rybník, which will be the place of fishing festivals on 27.10.2018.

Against the traditional term 28.10. this year's fishing effort has shifted due to celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Czech Republic that will take place in the city.

You can enjoy fishing, fresh fish and accompanying programs.

Traditional autumn events include fishing for ponds. The most interesting moment is in the morning, at this time the view from the dam to the work of fishermen is the most attractive. Picking preparations for the pond start much earlier, so-called machining. The basher manages the pond one to a month before fishing, depending on the size of the pond and the discharge device. The fish is gradually withdrawing into the fishery.

The day before the harvest, the fishermen build the dishes, tugs, brake pads, loaders, etc. are being added. Preparations culminate. Early in the morning, the opening ceremony will take place according to the old fishing tradition by handing over fishing rights to the leading party.

Fishermen will give away a net called a net, and they will start racing. Dragging fish with the pawns and hooks for the string (ie, the rope attached to the sail) is taken in the fishing grounds. If there are enough fish in it, the catch is ended and the fish closes. The net is drawn in front of the building, and it turns (the net opens). Then fishermen issue a noble fish, in our case it is a predator. The fish is being emitted from the waterway (on large ponds by mechanical bush) to the sorting table, where the fishers fish the fish manually. The table is dropped into a hanging basket on the coin, weighed 1q, and the fish is ejected from the basket into the vertical loader. It often lasts all day while the fish is in the water. The fish loader takes the fish into the crate of the truck, which goes straight to the shed or another pond. On the sinks, the fish is ready for sale after a certain period of relaying.

(text: Rybářství Hluboká)

Fishermen's Festival