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Spooky ZOO

Date of event

2. 11. 2019

Place of event

ZOO Hluboká

Dress up scary costumes and come to know the zoo a little differently. You meet a lot of spooks, we pump out the pumpkins and we will definitely experience a lot of evening entertainment together.

In the Zoo to Hluboky there will be a few spooky stops and a final lantern procession.

In the Courtyard of Ohrada Chateau there will be prepared a fun program where the band Maxa Band will play, bouncy castle, spooky jumping ...
There will also be creative and creative corners, photo-tapes and lots of other fun.
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Tickets can be purchased in advance at CBsystem or at the zoo.

This day you have a unique chance to go by a crazy bus from České Budějovice completely free - timetables at the zoo site.

Spooky ZOO