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III. The Ball of the Town of České Budějovice

Date of event

22. 2. 2020, 2000

Place of event

Statutární město České Budějovice

The Statutory City of České Budějovice and its society of South Bohemian Theater p. O., Transport Company of the City of ČB a., Teplice BT a., Forests and Ponds of the City of ČB s. PLES CITY - February 24, 2018, DK Metropol from 20:00.

City Hall, which you've been accustomed to for many years, has changed. Already in 2017 it replaced a new dance evening called City Ball, which established a new tradition of the city ball. Preparations of the evening include organizations and companies owned by the city of České Budějovice, as mentioned above. We believe that we managed to prepare an interesting program again, composed mainly of art groups of South Bohemian Theater and his friends and collaborators. There is also an extremely interesting raffle, which every purchased ticket competes.

The evening will be held in the mood of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Czech Republic, Czechoslovakia. A top swing orchestra with 20th and 30th 20th century music, thematic photocouple, decoration awaits you.

Tickets in price of CZK 450 and CZK 400 can be purchased at


The evening is accompanied by Petr Rychlý

Presentation of the South Bohemian Theater Ballet School

The orchestra of the South Bohemian Theater Opera - a 45-player musical ensemble and a set of classical dances, is conducted by Martin Peschík

Ballet of the South Bohemian Theater - choreography of the international ensemble JD

Soloists of the JD Opera and Guests - Opera Areas by Jana Šrejma Kačírková (National Theater Soloist Brno), Alexandra Beně and Peter Malý (soloists of the South Bohemian Theater)

Original Vintage Orchestra - dance orchestra including two swing dance pairs.
Professional music big band belonging to the top swing in the Czech Republic. He plays the swing of the 20s and 30s and at the same time brings original and vigorous adaptations of famous contemporary songs in period style. Accompanied by Hot Sisters, Rozalia Havelková, Kateřina Steinerová and losangelean star Chucka Wansley.

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III. The Ball of the Town of České Budějovice