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Muzzy on the water

Date of event

10. 8. 2020 — 15. 8. 2020

Place of event

Turistické informační centrum České Budějovice

A multi-genre traditional music festival taking place in the charming confluence of the Vltava and Malše rivers right in České Budějovice.

The goddesses of all the performing arts of the Muses will again be able to stand on water. Residents and visitors of České Budějovice are looking forward to the annual celebration of these Di's daughters.

Program of the Muses on the Water 2020

Mon 10. 8.  - Magda Malá a Bohuš Matuš

Tue 11. 8.  -  Jaroslav Uhlíř s kapelou

Wed 12. 8.  -  Jihočeská komorní filharmonie: A. Vivaldi - Čtvero ročních dob

Thu 13. 8.  -  Carisma - música latina

Fri 14. 8.  -  Prague Rhythm Kings

Sat 15. 8.  -  Martina Barta a Metroklub Big Band


The blind arm of the Vltava River, beginning at 21:30

Muzzy on the water