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City Festival - Lidé městu / město lidem

Date of event

30. 8. 2019 — 31. 8. 2019

Place of event

Prostor pro všechny, o. s.

City Festival is a multi-genre festival, which takes place at the end of summer in the Bohemian-Budejovice streets. The city center covers several hundred meters of lively grass, the colorful umbrellas and lanterns in the air, the street fills the scent of selected gourmet delicacies, roasted coffee and fresh flowers. In addition to the visitors, acrobats, singers, musicians, actors, artists, painters, chefs, barbers, hairdressers, florists, designers, architects, athletes will go to the streets.

The 7th year will take place on 30 and 31 August in České Budějovice. This year's festival will be a lot of water - we'll join Malši, where he will let us out of the blind shoulder. Here will be the most news and surprises. But even traditional festival venues should not remain unchanged. We would like to bring you some interesting gastronomic tastes again and local chefs have been motivated to perform extraordinary. Of course, we can not miss a new circus, this year's full portions, and ubiquitous cool music. We have a lot of creative workshops, an unconventional open-air fashion show, lively trees, a lawn in the streets, beautiful decorations, comfort, well-being and comfort.

City Festival - Lidé městu / město lidem

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