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Mariánská pilgrimage at Mitrowicz Castle

Date of event

25. 5. 2019, 1000 — 25. 5. 2019, 1900

Place of event

Mitrowicz a.s.

Come with us in history ...

Traditionally, at the end of May, on Saturday 25.5. 2019, from 10 am to 7 pm, opens the gates of the renaissance castle of Mitvoicz in Koloděje nad Lužnicí. This year you can enjoy the newly reconstructed beautiful castle interiors, the castle garden and other news! For visitors, as every year, a varied mix of castle entertainment is prepared, but in a different way. You can look forward to wild fencing performances, theaters, fairy tales, historical music concerts, admire the Renaissance banner art and the drum show! The children's play will be again a day-long game called knight's tournament, hand-made workshops, a period fair with examples of traditional crafts and, last but not least, a tour of the chateau as well as the newly renovated castle chapel, which is part of the castle. The offer complements the excellent historical catering with its specialties according to the period recipes, and you can have a delicious drink from the Obora microbrewery.

You can reach us by water and land. You can reach the water by boat through the picturesque confluence of Vltava and Lužnice.

In case of unfavorable weather conditions are prepared and the program will be updated.

Hear, hear, announce great knight contest .....

Who would not want to be a knight, court lady or even a princess in his childhood ..... can fulfill this dream to his children. Just take a parchment at the entrance to the Knight's Tournament, which is an all-day competition for kids of all ages in which everyone wins.

Knight's Tournament - All-day fun for children

The Knight's tournament is to carry out tasks, but these are not all, all are historically tuned, some are bold, others are crafted as workshops, workshops, or competitions; Girls and boys, small and big, and mostly parents. Upon completion of each task, the children will receive a stamp on the parchment and leave the reward for their efforts. Every year we are preparing new and original workshops :-)

Mariánská pilgrimage at Mitrowicz Castle