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Moon towers and lookout towers 2019

Date of event

28. 9. 2019 — 28. 10. 2019

Place of event

Pohádkové království

This year is the 8th year of the event Moon of Towers and Lookout Towers of the Czech Republic, organized by the Fairytale Kingdom.

Visit the "Moon of the Towers and Lookout Towers of the Czech Republic" with the purchased "4-height view" of the tourist destinations that are shown. A detailed description of the participating lookout towers can be found on the Fairytale Kingdom website.

If you visit at least one tower or lookout tower during this period (with 3 additional climbs at any time), you can take part in a draw of correctly stamped 4 views (date of climbs, name and telephone), a Galaxy mountain bike from CykloŠvec Prague. We also acknowledge stamping from the nearest information center.

Active and model towers and lookout towers:

Blansko - st. Martina
České Budějovice - town hall towers, Vodárenská, Černá, Rábštejnská
Hosín - airport tower
Javorník - Klostermann Lookout, autograph signing by H. Klimek
Jindřichův Hradec - Rýdův Hill, Town Tower
Karlovy Vary - Diana tower with exit from LL Mánes
Křemešník - Pípalka lookout tower
Mikulčice - Slavic fortified settlement, with 4 view free of charge
Pelhřimov - st. Bartholomew, Lower Gate - Museum of Records and Curiosities
Písek - tower of the Dean's Church, exit from Sladovna
Prachatice - st. Jacob, children with 4 free view (Tower Day only)
Prague - New Town Hall
Příbram - tower of Ševčinský mine, memorial Vojna
Slavonice - town tower (children with 4 free view)
Veselí nad Lužnicí - Church of the Elevation of St. Crisis
Zruč nad Sázavou - Castle Tower, Kolowratská, Babka Lookout Tower (children with 4 free view)

Moon towers and lookout towers 2019