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100 years of South Bohemian Theater - Cabinet of Miracles

Date of event

1. 6. 2019, 0900 — 31. 10. 2019, 0000

Place of event

Jihočeské muzeum

This year the South Bohemian Theater is 100 years old, but not only that, the historic building of the South Bohemian Theater celebrates 200 years, the Small Theater 70 years, opera and ballet 60 years of independence of the ensembles. Sufficiently good reason for the South Bohemian Museum to invite you to this worshiped and damned world of comedians and their wonders ...

In the first part of the exhibition, in six acts and four intermezzas, we will introduce you to the key moments of centuries-old theater history and then invite you behind the curtain to a magical, enchanting and fascinating world where EVERYTHING IS ANYTHING. Let yourself be surprised, let yourself be (po) floated, come to imagine and try (a)… The exhibition is designed for all ages. Guided tours and theater workshops for children and adults are also available. Orders and reservations can be made soon on the Museum's website under the Education section.

Everything is possible in the theater because everything is ONLY AS. Miracles can happen in the theater ... In the theater we can find ourselves in the whale's belly or in the head of a Martian, we can travel back and forth in time, we can be the Roman Emperor or the Queen of England. Or we can (PO) soar over everyday life that we can see for hundreds of years in the palm of your hand. It makes sense that some events cease to be visible to the naked eye, but we know well that they have not disappeared ...

The exhibition is suitable for families with children.

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100 years of South Bohemian Theater - Cabinet of Miracles