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31. 1. 2020 — 23. 3. 2020

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The Wrinkle studio consists of a duo by Aylin Irfan and Helena Patelis. Their work is characterized by a conceptual overlap and a return to traditional porcelain production processes. Among other things, they produce, for example, the Mascots collection, which was exhibited at the Mint Gallery in London and created porcelain figures for Helena Dařbujánová's toy machine called Mostly Wine.

For the exhibition in Neumannce, in cooperation with the Rudolf Kämpf manufac- turer, they are preparing an Old Forms collection that deals with recycling of old and worn production molds.

“Our work has always been based on handmade production, which is why it is a great honor for us to cooperate on this project with Rudolf Kämpf, the Czech manufactory that still adheres to the manual procedures for creating porcelain products. We took their worn-out molds and created new shapes that still remind the old ones with some respect, ”says the author of the project Old Forms Aylin.

What is the end of the manufacturing process for all ceramic casting processes is the beginning of this project. If you want to mold porcelain by hand casting, you will most likely need a gypsum mold. However, this can only be used for a limited amount of pouring. Unfortunately, so far there is no relevant way to recycle gypsum and thus generate more waste. This project takes an old worn gypsum mold and creates a new mold and new shape for use by drilling out the worn layer. And so the final piece is the embodiment of the beauty of the recycling process.

“For us, this project is all about respect for material. We try to create as little clutter as possible and be happy with small steps, because all big changes require small steps. ”