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Celebrations of the Salt Gold Path in Prachatice

Date of event

26. 6. 2020 — 27. 6. 2020

Place of event

KIS Prachatice

Every year, the history and flourishing of the town from the 14th to the 16th centuries is commemorated at the Salt Celebrations of the Golden Path, where the glory of the town is brought closer to the last week of June with examples of period crafts, cultural programs, markets and parades.

Since 1991, the Golden Path Salt Festival has been held every year, proving that it is a city-wide event that has already found its place in the cultural and social life of Prachatice, whose character has grown beyond the city's borders and is a regional and international event.

From the festivities, we managed to create a meeting place for representatives of towns and cultural associations not only from our region, the Czech Republic, the cities along the Golden Path, but also from other partner cities from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, Italy, Lithuania and Belarus.

So again in Prachatice at the end of June, history will be presented in all its splendor, the present will be presented by a number of Czech and foreign artists and show what people want to enjoy today. We will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of different countries in Europe, especially in twinned countries. The city will again receive a number of foreign delegations, ensembles, but also visitors.

Other cultural programs and events are included in the whole festival complex:

program for children
a play
dance and music ensembles
torch procession
historical marketplace, fencing, jugglers, etc.
Although the Golden Path celebrations are held only once a year, Prachatice is still standing, it is a hospitable, pleasant and nice city and perfect for a weekend trip or a longer holiday.

Celebrations of the Salt Gold Path in Prachatice