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Volary Wood Festival

Date of event

15. 8. 2020 — 16. 8. 2020

Place of event

KIC Volary

The Volary Wood Festival already has an inherent tradition even in the awareness of the general public. This two-day cultural event, organized on the Volar Square, attended by at least 20 guests from abroad and 20 guests from the Czech Republic, aims to deepen and strengthen cooperation in the cultural, social and sports field, deepen and consolidate cross-border people relations and in the above-mentioned activities intended for the general public.

Volary wood celebrations remind all visitors who come to us from all over the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria, the ancient history of our city and that is working with wood. Every year there are dozens of craftsmen showing old, some almost forgotten crafts. And the increasing interest in this event, which we regularly organize on the penultimate August weekend, is proven by the ever-increasing number of artisans willing to show their art and the ever-increasing number of visitors. During this event we would need our city to be inflatable, because during the festivities Volary will visit at least three thousand visitors.

Volary Wood Festival