Advent and Christmas

Locality: Český Krumlov

26. 11. 2021 — 6. 1. 2022

Sing carols in the open air, have fun in the procession of angels, drink a punch in the most beautiful square… All this in a festive atmosphere. Advent and Christmas have their unmistakable appeal in Český Krumlov.

The coming winter reveals a different face of Český Krumlov. It is a face filled with peace and a poetic atmosphere. The Advent season intensifies the magical atmosphere of this historic city. And it brings a number of beautiful experiences.

Eventful Advent and Christmas program, enriched with the Old Bohemian Christmas market, joint Christmas carol singing, Christmas concerts and the scent of hot punch and roasted almonds everywhere will perfectly draw you into the fairy tale atmosphere of the festively decorated city.

The joint lighting of the Christmas tree, St. Nicholas gift giving, Baby Jesus postal office, angelic procession through the town, nativity scenes, Christmas fairy tales and much more from the program will appeal to young and old. The run-up to Christmas culminates in a magical live nativity scene – a recreation of a biblical image with carol singing.

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