About the project

Dear South Bohemians and visitors to our region,

Do you remember the scene of the movie called “Pelíšky” with the legendary line: “What a great time we are having when Daddy is not at home!”? This exclamation reminds us how wonderful it is to enjoy a few moments of free time doing only the things you like. This year, in honour of that feeling, we have prepared a regional project called “Relaxed South Bohemia” just for you!
The goal of this project, which freely follows last year’s “Olympic South Bohemia” and the previous year’s “Hussite South Bohemia” and “Active South Bohemia”, is to remind you all, regardless of whether you come from the Czech Republic or abroad, that our region is a true synonym for tranquillity and relaxation. I believe that, thanks to this, you will keep coming back here.
Five main themes serve as the pillars of the “Relaxed South Bohemia” project: Baroque (declared by the Czech Tourism Agency as the theme of the year 2017), gastronomy, active relaxation, rest and countryside.

You can look forward to discovering sights and cultural activities focused on the celebration of the theme of Baroque; fair South Bohemian cuisine traditionally based on regional foods, the products of local breweries and festivals such as blueberry and strawberry festivals; active relaxation in the form of a wide range of outdoor activities; lounging, rejuvenation and care in spa facilities and wellness centres; and even escaping from the city in the form of agrotourism, country festivals and exhibitions of rural traditions and handicrafts.
We have an array of events suitable for individuals, couples, elderly citizens and families with children, not to mention active groups of visitors longing for adrenalin, lovers of nature and historical monuments. It all takes place in our beautiful countryside and many promoted tourist attractions.

We believe that together we will enjoy the relaxation South Bohemia has to offer and that you will leave our region in good spirits.
We look forward to welcoming you!