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Krajinská 27 Mini brewery and Restaurant

The tradition of brewing beer in the building (where Krajinská 27 Mini Brewery is) has been proven since 1482. You can also read in Budějovice estate books that in the same year the new owner of the house was a maltster and innkeeper Matěj Svach. However, it can be assumed that beer was brewed in the building much earlier. During the following centuries the house changed its owners and several generations continued to brew beer, until 1752 when the house was purchased by a butcher, František Haas. In 2014, beer brewing activity was renewed. When you visit the mini brewery you can taste 5 types of beer which are on permanent offer, but also seasonal specialities. Due to the tradition and history, the mini brewery brews classic beers according to old Czech recipes, using first-class ingredients, without chemical additives and in a traditional way. This means that for brewing beer they use only the malt of barley, Czech hops and Czech beer yeast. These beers are bottom-fermented, they mature in an open fermentation facility and later in lager tanks. Beers brewed by the mini brewery are not additionally treated, filtered or pasteurized. Thanks to this, they have a unique taste and maintain many natural substances: B-group vitamins, tannins, etc.