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Museum of Travel Literature

Museum was founded in May 2015. Visitors can explore collection of almost thirty thousand books about travelling.

Museum is situated in the courtyard of the historic house in the Dr. Stejskal street. The house is next to the South Bohemian Theatre. Museum is designed as area for rest for everyone who is interested in travelling. You can find there information about every place in the world from books that are written by authorized writers.

Visitors can find there interesting information about adventurers.

You can read or buy there many travel books and maps or explore unique old travel books.

Part of the museum is exhibition about life and travelling of Emil Holub, Albert Vojtěch Frič, Josef Kořenský, Karel Domin, Jan Welzl, Alois Musil and others. Personal belongings and artefacts from travels are included in exhibition.

Auditorium, children's area and fast food is in the museum.