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Hopsárium České Budějovice

Hopsárium České Budějovice is the greatest and largest indoor family fun park in South Bohemia. The 2floor hall is full of unique attractions and great fun for a whole family as most of the attractions are dimensed for adults.

A part of the complex is a spacious café which offers a wide range of hot & cold drinks, snack and meals to suit all tastes at very reasonable prices.

Come and enjoy a day full of great fun.

Almost 2 years is the Hopsárium also in Lipno nad Vltavou. It is not as large as that in the České Budějovice, but if you spend your holiday in the Lipno area, do not miss its visit. You can expect lots of attractions and pleasant bistro. In the outdoor part of Hopsárium Lipno you can drive a funny pedal karts or try tubbing.