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Wortner's House

Object in reconstruction

Wortner House AJG is located in the picturesque historic centrum of České Budějovice. It was opened in the january of 1993, and it's used for small and medium-sized expositions. The exhibition halls are placed in the renaissance building from the middle of 16th century, with a gothic core, characteristic battlements, corner towers on the attic and a small yard at the rear.

Wortner‘s House, named after its 19th century owner, but its Renaissance origins date back to the 16th century. The house attics are finished with a battlement with spires in the corners. U Černé věže Street gradually leads us to the Mill Channel, which is (probably) a manmade moat built to protect the town from the east and north. Crossing the bridge will take us to the town park. But now we will return and walk along narrow Hradební Street to the right. Hradební Street will lead us to Krajinská Street.