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Samson‘s Fountain

The Baroque fountain is one of the largest of its kind in the country. The base consists of a Baroque stone water reservoir plan (17 m in diameter. A prismatic base with four gargoyles arises from itd centre. Four figures of Atlas stand on it, who is supporting a circular bowl with a sculpture of Samson on the lion.

In the very centre of the square you can find another important symbol of České Budějovice - Samson‘s Fountain. This magnificent Baroque work was built in the period from 1721 to 1727. It is formed by a stone basin that is one of the largest fountains in the Czech Republic with a diameter of 17 metres. The fountain is decorated with four gargoyles and with four statues of atlantes holding a large stone shell. A pedestal rises out of the shell with a sculpture of Samson fighting a lion. During restoration works in 1999 the fountain was equipped with colour lighting and all the statues were replaced with copies. The originals are kept inside the town hall.

Samson‘s Fountain is connected to the art of sculptor Josef Dietrich (1677-1753) and to the stonemason master Zachariáš Horn. The man behind it must also be mentioned: Franz Baugut. He employed his urban designs regarding the position, dimensions and probably also the topic of the fountain. And it was Baugut who initiated construction of the town waterworks from which the fountain was fed. Today the social position of this well-educated man is surprising. Baugut was a Jesuit of Jindřichův Hradec.