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Ski Resort Zadov

Zadov-Churanov is not only one of the most famous cross-country skiing centers in the Czech Republic and a favorite place for downhill skiing, in the summer months it is here for an active indulgence as done. Take advantage of the cable cars, electric or field scooters, the rope park, or go on foot to the former diving bridge - the lookout tower today.

Extremely unique construction of the lookout tower - a former ski jumping bridge, which ceased to serve its purposes in the mid-1990s, and in 2015 a lookout tower in the former tower was opened after reconstruction. View of Šumava and Pošumaví from Zadov to Z to JV. The altitude of the observation platform 1109 m above sea level, the number of steps 158, the wall of the tower is a climbing wall!
This is an unconventional viewing platform at the very top of the wooden ramp of the ski jumping bridge, built in 1978. It was made available to the public in 1993, but the tower did not last long, but after a few years it was closed due to the state of emergency. In autumn 2014 a general overhaul began and the lookout tower was opened in June 2015. The original appearance of the bridge and its towers remained, the load-bearing structure gained an anti-corrosion coating and the missing existing tiling. The existing windows were replaced with new wooden ones. Reconstruction was also achieved by a viewing platform, it got a completely new coat - lining, floor, railings. There is a climbing wall on the southwest wall of the tower. The Zadov-Kobyl cableway is also available for the trip to the lookout tower. At the bottom station there is a snack and a children's playground.