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Prachatice town

Prachatice is one of the best preserved urban complexes in the Czech Republic - the historical core keeps its Renaissance appearance within the ring surrounded by the city walls preserved up to now. For these reasons, the historical core of the town in 1981 was proclaimed as the City Monument Reserve - this degree of monument protection has only 40 most preserved cities in the Czech Republic.

Salt trade provided the city with a continuous income. In 1382, Václav IV confirmed. a year earlier, the privilege of Vilém of Landštejn, by which the rights to the salt warehouse were increased to the city. Prachatice was the only town where other cities could buy Bavarian salt. 17 years later, after the establishment of a salt warehouse in Prachatice, a warehouse was set up on the Bavarian side of Passau and both cities were connected by a firm trade union. The bourgeois rights defended a firm order, which determined when a burgess could buy and sell salt. Just as with salt, the prachatičtí burghers also traded with the grain they bought in the inland and sold again to Passau. The trade with Passover thus sparked in Prachatice the unprecedented flowering of malting. The presence of foreign buyers has also increased the importance and profitability of urban markets (since 1394 also annual markets in the Holy Week). Prague's leading position among the cities on the "Golden Path" was also gained by the fact that on their way from the land borders to Písek they were the only fortified city to offer the safest protection to traders. King Wenceslas IV. further stipulated that all goods brought from Bavaria to Bohemia or to Bavaria must be passed through Prachatice. This privilege has become an important argument in later, almost constant, disputes between the city and surrounding cities. The biggest competitor in the 14th century was Kašperské Hory, whose inhabitants started in 1366 to build a so-called "Golden Route" through Aussergefield (Kvilda) to Passau. The glory of the city on the Golden Path annually resembles the Golden Salt Route Celebrations, which are traditionally held at the end of June.

KIS Prachatice is the largest organizer of cultural events in the city and also provides tourist information center. The Information spot was opened in the early 1990s with its headquarters in the building