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The Church of Our Lady of the Queen and St. Jiljí

The dean church is mentioned as parish in 1280. After the foundation of the Augustinian monastery in 1367, the church was rebuilt in Gothic style. At that time he left his unique work probably the most significant painter of Gothic painting in Bohemia, the Master of the Třeboň Altar. The preserved plates of the Třeboň altar are currently part of the collections of the National Gallery in Prague. The world-famous Třeboň Madonna from the time around 1400 has been preserved in the Gothic church with a double-layout. The cloister, which is adjacent to the northern side of the church, was preserved with almost intact frescoes and a paradise with a well.

The church offers guided tours to visitors, during which you will see not only your own church, but also a cross-passage and a tomato garden with a well.

Tours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Start at 15:00 h.