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 Veselské sandpits is an ideal place for recreational swimming, long-distance swimming and sport fishing. It is also a beautiful corner of the Protected Landscape Area and the Třeboňsko Biosphere Reserve. The area of ​​Veselí sandpits spreads over 240 hectares between the town of Veselí nad Lužnicí, its settlement Horusice and Vlkov. There are five separate sand-gravel lakes, which originated after the gravel sand mining in the years 1952-1986. The individual lakes are called Vlkovská pískovna, Veselí Lake and Veselí I (on the right bank of the Lužnice River), Horusice Lake and Horusice Lake (on the left bank Lužnice). Even though this is not an officially run swimming pool, there are seasonally paid parking spaces with snacks. From the tourist point of view, the educational trail Veselské pískovny, which is a 7 km long circuit around Vlkovské pískovny and Lake Veselí I, is equipped with 14 information boards. The boards present visitors with the history of the countryside and, most importantly, the nature of the lakes. The information on the boards is in Czech, German and English. The biggest attraction is the stop number 7, which concerns the nature reserve "Písečný presyp u Vlkova". This overpass is considered to be the best preserved sand dune in our country. It was created during the midday, when the surrounding countryside was almost treeless and with sparse vegetation. Regularly winding winds created sand dunes from sand from the sandstones of the Lužnice and Nežárka floodplains. They formed a strip from Veselí nad Lužnicí to Majdalena. Nowadays they are covered with pine forests, the remaining sands have only been left in two places - a bigger sand dump near Vlkov and a smaller chicken on Lužnice. In addition to thermophilous plants, the insects can survive the overgrowth and can only be found in the warm lagoon or southern Moravia. The trail starts and ends behind the parking lot at Lake Veselí, which is turning from the road to Val (GPS: N 49 ° 10.370 ', E 14 ° 42.809'). In the period of the tourist season from July to September, the Refreshment in the sandbox organizes a cycle of cultural and sports programs, concerts and screenings of films.