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Monastery in Borovany

Monastery in Borovany

This Augustinian monastery was founded in 1455 by Petr of Linda. Its rather small paradise garden is surrounded by a late Gothic cloister with a mesh vault. Aft er its reconstruction in 1729, the

tower on the northern part of the church became a characteristic dominant of the town. In the 18th century, under provost Augustine Dubenský, a church prelature was built which is also called the

“chateau”. Aft er dissolution of the monastery by Joseph II in 1785, its property was bought by the Schwarzenbergs, so their family’s coat of arms is placed above the entrance to the castle. However, they sold the castle to the town in 1939 and a school was built there. The castle became accessible to the public aft er its general reconstruction in 2010 and it off ers two guided tours. On every second weekend in June, the monastery serves as a venue of the traditional Blueberry Harvest Festival. The cloister in the monastery currently houses a collection of Baroque statues, including the original of the Marian Column from České Budějovice. The monastery museum is installed on the first fl oor, where originals of the statues from the Římov Passion Route are located.