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Whitewater mastery

The Lída Polesná whitewater center, so named for the excellent Czechoslovak slalom racer, is located in České Vrbné near České Budějovice. On this artificial slalom course, you can try rafting or master the whitewater in a kayak or canoe, including being led by experienced teachers. The center rents whitewater equipment as well.

The manmade slalom course with mobile obstacles is the main feature. The obstacles can be moved, modifying the course significantly and changing its nature and difficulty.

The upper part starts with a starting pool, which is used as a canoe polo pitch from spring to autumn and as a skating rink in winter.

The first two cascades are adjusted for beginners. They are not difficult and a calmer section follows each one. The wide reversers under the second cascade are a new feature.

The racing section begins at the first footbridge. From there on, the course consists of mobile obstacles. The launching steps are new; they are ahead of the last third and at the very end of the racing section. The course difficulty can be changed depending on the type of race.

The course is absolutely unique in the Czech Republic due to its equipment and nature. The fast runs with waves and rolls alternate with pools with strong reversers and room for longer training and larger groups. It depends on the course designer whether the large reversers are used or the racers go with the flow. The course also has a roll suitable for rodeo.