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Zlatá Koruna Monastery

The Zlatá Koruna Monastery and the village that took its name from the monastery is a place where history breathes on you from all sides.

This charming Cistercian monastery is located on a rock promontory surrounded by the Vltava River on three sides, just a few kilometers away from Český Krumlov. Today it is considered one of the most precious Gothic architectural complexes in Central Europe. The most important monastery buildings include the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the cloister, the chapter hall, the Chapel of the Guardian Angels, and the abbey. The monastery presently offers its visitors several sightseeing routes that acquaint them with the religious life of the monks who lived here. The monastery also holds concerts, theater performances, exhibitions, and other cultural events. The monastery is also home to a branch of the South Bohemian Science Library with a section devoted to manuscripts and old prints.

Most of the town of Zlatá Koruna is part of the Blanský les Protected Landscape Area, meaning that it’s surrounded by a beautiful virgin landscape woven by the flow of the Vltava river. The canyon of the Vltava River has been included in the NATURA 2000 list of natural sites of European significance. The historic part of town was declared a village heritage zone in 2005.