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Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Kl

The present Baroque pilgrimage premises with the Church
of Assumption of Virgin Mary was founded around 1700 and is
located on the site of an older church from the beginning of the
13th century. The church itself, the project of which was most
probably based on the work of one of the most talented architects
of his time, Jan Santini, was completed as early as in 1714. The
cloisters and chapel were later added to the church and created
an extraordinary set of buildings with the ground plan in the shape
of a double cross. The pilgrimage church still serves its original
purpose. From the beginning, the place has been associated with
pilgrimages to the Virgin Mary, and the main pilgrimage takes place
on the Saturday closest to the date of the Assumption of Virgin
Mary (15 August). In 1816, a school that currently serves as the
Emauzy parsonage was built next to the pilgrimage site. The chapel
U dobré vody is located near the church where, according to
legend, the Virgin Mary appeared before children.