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The chateau, originally just a small wooden castle, got its name (“Eagle”) probably from its location – it was built on a steep rock as an eagle nest. The first written accounts of the castle come from 1230-1251. In the 18th century, after the last member of the House of Eggenberk died childless, it became the property of the House of Schwarzenberg.

The Orlík Chateau is located in the village of Orlík nad Vltavou, in the northern part of the Písek Region. The chateau sits on a rock, high above the Orlík reservoir. It is well preserved; its white walls intensify its massiveness. A part of the chateau is open to visitors. Its interiors include valuable furniture, paintings, porcelain, a collection of arms, decorations and orders, and hunting trophies. The Orlík Chateau belongs among the most popular tourist destinations in South Bohemia. The Schwarzenberg vault, situated 2.5 km from the chateau, is also open to the public.