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Mr Jan Hus´ Center

The creation of a new exhibition devoted to the time, life, work, tradition and legacy of the Czech Reformer is a part of the overall restoration of the Jan Hus Memorial, or the Jan Hus Center in Husinec, It is understandable that the new exhibition must respect the place that is the traditional Hus' birthplace and where the so-called Hus Room, associated with the birth and childhood of Jan Hus, is located in the memorable building. The ancient site of South Husine's place of Hus's birthplace, preserving this tradition, documents literary monuments and documents from the time of utrakvismu. The designation of the building as a National Cultural Monument in 1978 was preceded by the rich history of the place at the time of the national revival even in the 20th century.


Jan Hus's native house
Husova 37, 384 21 Husinec
Tel .: +420 725 062 066