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Memorial to Petr Chelčický

The Memorial to Petr Chelčický (1390-1460), an important religious reformer and philosopher, came about through the renovation of a former granary on the Chelčice town square. The granary, probably from the 18th century, was equipped for this purpose with a remarkably architecturally rendered exhibition, the author of which is architect Petr Kovář.

The presentation is a compromise between the educational and entertaining approach of museum exhibitions. The historical facts and basic information of the life and thoughts of this important thinker are presented with an emphasis on their significance. The ground floor of the monument focuses on the Chelčice region as well as on the entire Libějovicko-Lomecko Heritage Zone. Interactive game elements of a material nature (e.g. medieval fashion) are also an important component of the Memorial. On the first floor there is an interesting 12-minute documentary about P. Chelčický as well as five panels with key themes such as: For a new and better church, and Against violence. On the second floor, visitors can try writing with a quill and ink on replicas of a medieval pulpit.

Nearby the memorial, there is also certified Natural Garden that ties into the Home of St. Linhart. In the garden, which is used for relaxation and introspection, you can relax with a snack and become familiar with the aromas and beauty of herbs. About 50 meters from the gardens is the Church of St. Martin. You can visit the church or arrange a professional interpretation upon prior arrangement in the Home of St. Linhart.

The visit to the monument must be arranged in the Home of St. Linhart in Chelčice.