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Castle and Chateau Stráž nad Nežárkou

The castle in Stráž nad Nežárkou is a baroque feudal residence, created by the fundamental reconstruction of a Gothic castle from the 13th century founded by the family of Vitkovts. The castle is surrounded by a large park in the valley of the river Nežárka. From the original form of the castle, nowadays only a Gothic tower with a blade in the main facade is used. The castle is known especially in connection with the name of the world-famous opera singer Ema Destinnová, who made minor adjustments in the castle and mainly used its position on the River Nežárka and near the New River to satisfy its great hobby, which was fishing. During the war, the castle was occupied by the Wehrmacht and later by the border guards. Later there was established the Social Care Institute, which operated until 1995 when it was returned to the owners in the restitution and they offered it for sale. In 2002 the castle was bought by V. Doubrava, reconstructed and made available to the public. Several interesting sightseeing tours are open to visitors. More information and opening hours at