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Non-traditional loom house "Na vlně"


Wool products are born and hatched in the foothills of Šumava in a small village called Bošice. There are sheep, goats and lamas in the meadow with beautiful warm and soft waves. A little further, in a protected workshop WEAVER, the wave transforms into traditional products into traditional products. The wool is here to be worn, combed, dyed, felt, woven and woven on weaving looms. You will find a wide range of products, from small wool sheep, owls, cats and penguins to large wool rugs.

WFP sheltered workshop is open to visitors throughout the year. They will guide you through traditional waves and organize various events and workshops. You can always find the current invitations at

What it offers

Spinning - The purpose of spinning is to create a thread from a variety of materials which can be used further. The yarn is formed by the buildup of the prepared material. We traditionally use spinning rods for spinning.

Weaving - the oldest way of producing fabrics based on a simple principle - weaving warp threads with weft threads. We have 3 weaving looms with work widths of 70, 90 and 130 cm.

Dry Felting - Dry Felting requires the purchase of a special tool - Felting Needle. These needles have small notches that allow them to pass through the fleece, and repeated piercing of the fleece causes it to fade without water. In addition to the needle, we still need a sufficiently high and soft pad to use, for example, a piece of polystyrene, a soft foam rubber or the like. Dry felting allows us to create spatial creation, various animals, beetles, fairies or angels. At the same time, it is an excellent addition to decorating products that have been created with wet felt.

Wet Felting - Felting is a method that uses the interesting properties of raw wool, which when moistened with mechanical stress (friction) and / or abrupt changes in temperature called so-called felt. The fibers are firmly interlocked and a large dense plaque becomes a large, fluffy tuft. The wet wiping technique can produce a whole range of products - bags, handbags, wallets, scarves, scarves, vests, coats, shoes ....

Price list

Sample wave processing: 35 CZK
Sample wool processing and farm visit: 40 CZK
wool products: from 45 CZK

Non-traditional loom "Na vlně"
Bošice 45, 384 81 Čkyně
Tel .: +420 775 037 437