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Prachatice Brewery

The Prachatice brewery, located in the historical center of this South Bohemian town, has been a popular destination since its opening. In summer, besides lower fermented lagers and specially fermented peas, there is also a sitting area at the brewery. In a pleasant environment, besides beer and calm, you can enjoy specialties of Czech cuisine as well as a classic of beer tastings in the form of press, drowning, etc. All from local farmers and suppliers, practically in bio quality ...

You will also be able to enjoy a tour of the brewery connected with tasting beers.

Everyday tours
For English-speaking tourists (need to order)
Daily tour - 11:00 - 16:00 - Duration: 45 min. tour, as well as clients' options
Night Tour - 19:00 - 21:00 - Duration 1.5 hours

Little from the history of the Prachatice Brewery

The Middle Ages, which was not dark

Malting and brewing are part of the Prachatice odnepaměti, as well as the Zlatá (or Salna) trail, which was directly passing through the city. From the local salt storage and toll collection, the city was rich and populated. After the mid-14th century, Malt became an important business item for Prachatice burghers, who prepared and traveled here to Bavaria, the Danube and the Zápalí. A smaller portion of malt was then used for local beer production. The first local sausages were burghers.

Brewery and God Warriors

The exact origin of Prachatice brewery can not be documented, but the beer was definitely cooked here in 1379, when it was written that the then Vyšehrad provost and the Chancellor of the Kingdom of the Czech Republic were returning "two cooking pans which he unlawfully took away". It was still boiling until the Hussite wars. However, the city was attacked and burned in 1420 by the Hussites. The Hussite period also ended the age-old rule of the Vyšehrad chapter over the city.

The bourgeois brewery moves

With technology advances typical of the 19th century, beer brewing began to introduce lower fermentation technology in the bourgeois brewery, which required more space. The brewery cramped by the surrounding area was no longer suitable. The new one began to emerge at the turn of the 1960s and 70s, and a site was selected for its construction in the immediate vicinity of the town, accessible by the Písecká brána, in addition to which a natural spring of water flowed. The annual production of the town brewery at the end of the 19th century was 8-9 000 hl of welded beer. The operation was hand and the brewery was slightly stagnant due to the growing competition in the area.

Malt start, bitter end

The Prachatice brewery then overcomes the First World War and the economic crisis of the 1930s. But he does not do well in a competitive fight. After the Second World War, the local German population is displaced, the city is being depopulated, losing power and economic decline. This is reflected also in the brewery, which will not survive the Communist coup after all the historical tribulations, and in 1949 it is finally shut down.

The end is a new beginning - restaurant Prachatice Brewery

Even as the burgher brewery moved in the second half of the 19th century from the city center, some people, given their tradition and originality, still preferred the original "small-scale" production and turned to the competitive Schwarzenberg brewery. Nowadays, this trend returns. The Czech Republic is experiencing a literal beer revolution. The desire for unusual and culinary experiences in Prachatice since August 2015 is the Prachatice Brewery.