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Chalupská slať

Chalupská slať is called as a transitional type between the valley highlands created along the Vltava river and Křemelná and the mountain highlands from the plateau of Šumavské Pláně. The Chalupská Slatina site itself includes two large hills, namely the Chalupská slata and the New World Wing. They are then joined by a shallow layer of peat in a peat complex, lying in a wide valley that has an elongated shape.

Chalupská slať is located 1.5 km from the central car park of Borová Lada. It is accessible only on a wooden walkway. On the way to the pond you can see on the right side an extensive lowered area without kennel stands. Why do we draw attention to this? Because this area was mined half a dozen years ago, it was stripped of kennel trees and partly flooded. At the end of the wooden walkway there is a platform that offers a magnificent view of the largest peat pond in the Czech Republic. The pond stretches over 1.3 hectares and has a deepest depth of 1.5 m. In the pond, there are romantic peat islands with a number of rare plant species.


Chalupská slať
Svinná Lada, 385 01 Borová Lada