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Chalupská slať

Chalupská moor is called an intermediate type between valley bogs formed along the Vltava River and Křemelná and mountain bogs from the Šumava Plateau plateau. The locality of Chalupské slati includes two large bogs, Chalupská slať and Novosvětská slať. They are then connected by a shallow layer of peat into one peat complex, lying in a wide valley, which has an elongated shape.

Chalupská slať is located 1.5 km from the central car park from Borová Lada. It is accessible only by a wooden walkway. On the way to the pond, you can see large lowered areas on the right side without sprouts. Why are we pointing this out? Since this area was half-extracted a few decades ago, it has been cleared of kneeling growth and partially watered. At the end of the wooden walkway is a platform that offers a magnificent view of the largest peat lake in the Czech Republic. The lake is spread over 1.3 hectares and at the same time has a maximum depth of 1.5 m. There are romantic peat islets in the lake, with many rare plant species.

Author of winter photo: Ing. Josef Pecka


Chalupská slať
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