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Cistercian monastery in Vyšší Brod

The Cistercian Monastery in Vyšší Brod is one of the most beautiful and most authentic monastery in the Czech lands. It was founded in 1259 by Rosenbergs and its construction lasts 100 years. It is the only functioning male Cistercian monastery in the Czech Republic, but it has long been designed not only for monks living under the Order of St. Benedict. For visitors there is the monastery church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the monastery choir, the main altar, the chapel and the philosophical or theological hall. The monastery offers its visitors also tours, which include the monastery church, the monastery choir, the main altar, the chapel of St. Benedict, Chapel of St. Bernard, the Chapel of Our Lady, a gallery of statues, a picture gallery, or a library corridor. The most valuable monuments are Madonna of Vyšší Brod and Cross of Zíviš. In the part of the monastery there is a postal museum.