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Monínec ski complex

This sports and recreation complex is referred to, in a slightly tongue-in-cheek way, as the little Alps in the heart of Bohemia. While the highest peak in the area, Javorová skála (the ‘Maple Cliff’), reaches a height of a ‘mere’ 724 m, not for nothing is the area called the Czech Siberia. Natural and artificial snow lies on Monínec for an average 100 days per year, making it the closest ski resort within a hundred-kilometre radius of Prague.

The 1,200 m long, and sufficiently broad, piste, with its four-seater ski lift, elevation in excess of 200 m and smooth descent, is a magnet for skiers. The entire length of the piste is covered in snow by artificial means and floodlit for evening skiing. The upper part of the complex includes a shorter piste for beginners and a ski school with its own ski tow, as well as a practice area for children with a ski tow, rental and service, as well as sports accessories shop.