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Rustic Baroque – Zbudovská blata area

Blata is a historical area that is particularly important from an architectural perspective, since it forms the center of the “Rustic Baroque”. The villages of Blata in the broader sense are located in the České Budějovice basin area between Hluboka nad Vltavou, Vodňany, and northern slopes of Blanský les Forest. The imaginary center of Blata consists of the villages of Plástovice, Sedlec, Zbudov, Malé Chrášťany, Mahouč, Česká Lhota, Mydlovary a Pištín, an area collectively and historically known as Zbudovská Blata. Here, in the municipalities of Malá Chrášťany, Plášťovice and Zbudov, one can see the typical Blata farmhouses that are characteristic of the Zbudovská Blata region. In a broader concept of the Blata area, these villages would also include Bavorovice, České Vrbné, and Opatovice lying on the riverbank near the regional city as well as the villages in the foothills of the Blanský les Forest, particularly Záboří, Dobčice, Strýčice, and most of all Holašovice (UNESCO).

The character of the individual farm buildings in the townships is somewhat different. The size of the area and the different historical development certainly played a role in this situation. Those who admire architecture will certainly appreciate the interesting decors of the gables, the expressive symbolism, and the volutes. Nature lovers can enjoy the South Bohemian landscape, which Karel Klostermann himself captured in his Czech novel “Mlhy na Blatech”.

The landscape of Zbudovská Blata is flat and is interconnected by a network of bicycle paths. This ideal terrain for families and children can also be enjoyed in one of the nearby ponds. Discover the beauty of Zbudovská Blata on a bicycle!

The village of Plástovice holds an information center for the South Bohemian Rustic Baroque.

If you’d like to know more about each village in the Zbudovská Blata, visit, in the section Rustic Baroque.