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Archeopark Netolice

Archeopark Netolice is a gradually forming archeological park in the style of an open-air museum featuring an early medieval fortification system.

Archeopark Netolice (the Slavic settlement of St. John) is situated on the hill of St. John on the outskirts of Netolice. It was built on the site of a former Slavic fortified settlement with remnants of massive mound fortifications and numerous findings of objects from the 10th to 13th century. It is the first South Bohemian archaeological monument which uses the modern form of direct reconstruction for public presentation.

The Archeopark focuses on the little-known period of the emergence of the Bohemian nation in the early Middle Ages, i.e. the 10th to 13th centuries. All work is carried out using archeologically documented period techniques. The original technologies, materials, and tools used for the reconstruction are also historically verified. A demonstration of fortifications and a guard tower has recently been completed, which also serves as a lookout tower with a view over the town of Netolice and the Šumava landscape.

Most of the park is currently used by a cynology club, but the main pedestrian thoroughfare is freely accessible to the public. Visitors can see the profile of the main rampart mound wall from the 10th century, the reconstructed retaining wall with a chamber wall with a palisade on the site of archaeological research from 2000, and the terrain remnants of a smaller fortification gate.

Open all year round. Free entry.